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Gladys or Becky



With her many beautiful Fox paintings.
She is one of my favorites as you might all guess!

"Bonnie Marris"

Bonnie Marris, wildlife artist, combines technical mastery with emotional warmth in her beautiful images. Wolves, horses, bison--her subjects are extensively researched and respectfully rendered to create fine art that brings nature's beauty to your home environment.

Bonnie Marris has been studying and painting wolves, foxes, dogs and horses since childhood. She remembers her family home as a refuge for anyone in trouble, human or animal. “At one time we had two wolves and a three-month-old coyote living with us,” the artist recalls with a smile. Always, when Marris wasn’t around animals, she was painting them, and this love led her to pursue degrees in zoology and animal behavior.

Animals are an integral part of both her life and her art.

New February 2014
"Sweet Tooth"

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Sweet Tooth
by Bonnie Marris

As saying goes, “When you go in search of honey, be prepared to get stung by bees.” Bears endure stings to get not only the honey, but the prized and protein-rich pupae, larvae and eggs stored in the hive’s brood comb. After this bruin has completed his raid, he will hurry away to shake, as he would water, the angry bees from his face and fur.

limited to 50 s/n. 26"w x 23"h. $395
we have #4

 limited to 25 s/n. 34"w x 30"h. $795
we have #4

"Comtemplating the Dragonfly"


"Lazy Day at the Big Crooked"


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"Balck Magic"

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"Spring Fever"

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You can see all of Bonnie Marris's work at
Greenwich Workshop. Any of her available work
we can order for you. If it is a sold out piece, her editions
are very small, we will be glad to search the secondary market for you.

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