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Denis Mayer Jr

Canadian Artist!


NEW Aerial Intencity

Available in 3 sizes

8 x 26 $170 R.E. $200 A.P
13 x 41 $400 R.E. $480 A.P.
18 x 56 $650 R.E. $780 A.P.


From Denis Mayer Jr.

Giclèe Canvas
"Another Lonesome Night" "

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Putting the Extraordinary into Framing!

Sizes Available

Giclèe Canvas 33 " x 40" A/P $750.00
Giclèe Canvas 33 " x 40" $640.00

Giclèe Canvas 28" x 30" A/P $700.00 * We have #1 A/P
Giclèe Canvas 28" x 30" $575.00

Giclèe Canvas 10" x 13 A/P $150.00 * We have #1 A/P SOLD
Giclèe Canvas 10" x 13 $125.00


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Twice the Love





Giclèe Canvas
9.25" x 16.5 " $150.00 Reg Edition
9.25" x 16.5" $175.00 Artist's Proof Edition

"Fearless Warrior"

NEW from Denis Mayer Jr.

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Giclèe Canvas 35 " x 26" s/n $650.00

Giclèe Canvas 24" x 18" s/n $380.00 * We have #1/275

Giclèe Canvas 10" x 13 A/P $150.00 * We have #1 A/P

SEE "Mothers Love" the Lioness and her Cubs
Beautiful Companion Piece



British Columbia's, Denis Mayer Jr paintings in gouache are unsurpassed
for their deeply emotional depiction of wildlife, capturing these creatures
in their moments of content and playfulness.

His brilliant mastering of his medium and his extreme attention
to detail and textures is nothing short of phenomenal.

His work conveys a deep respect for Nature's creations
through precise and faithful renderings of animals, birds
and habitat that are true to even the smallest detail.

Mayer may work for months to ensure that what he sees in
his painting is what his heart truly feels.

Besides being an accomplished artist Denis Mayer Jr is
an accomplished opera singer. Visit his beautiful music on his website

Ruler of the Skys
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