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Sam Timm

Wisconsin Artist

Sam Timm is an avid fisherman, wing-shooter, bow-hunter, big game hunter and vocal nature advocate. Timm is truly a multifaceted individual: professional artist, sportsman, minister, husband, father and grandfather. He says his primary devotion is to God, his family, and church ministry.  But after that comes painting beautiful wildlife art.  A talent he feels God helped him to develop along with some diligent work and experience in the school of hard knocks.  

Sam's work has appeared on over 80 separate limited editions.

2007 and 1990 Wisconsin Turkey Stamps.

2006, 200, 1985 Wisconsin Great Lake Salmon and Trout Stamps.

2003, 1994, 1985 Wisconsin Inland Trout Stamps.

2005, 2002, 1998 Wings Over Wisconsin Print of the Year.

1996, 1988 Wisconsin Duck Stamps.

1993 Wisconsin Pheasant Stamp.

1992 Ohio Duck Stamp.

A Wonderful Day with Sam Timm April 26th 2014

We cannot thank everyone that cameand had a wonderful day with Sam Timm. Thank you all so much. I am so sorry as the day went on, it was impossible to get everyone's pictures. We really tried.

Sam left a lot of his inventory here for us for the summer. If you couldn't be here for the show we hope you will come and visit and look through his many mixed media one of a kind illustrations. Also his many canvas that capture the beauty of Wisconsin.

Again thank you to everyone that came and shared the day with us!
Thank you Sam and Jan for wonderful day!
Gladys and Becky


The following is just a small sample of Sam's Art
We carry a large inventory.



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