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Gladys or Becky





Thank you from Gladys, Becky and Jerry
to everyone that were a part of
the turn out for Jerry on Nov 8nd 2014.


A Beautiful Fall Weekend

I did not manage to get many pictures this year!
It was a very busy day which is just great.
I will do better for the next show!

Jerry doing remarques that were waiting in
the morning for him.

He brought this incredible Buck stil
smelling of fresh paint!

Ronn and Sandy

geting their Originals personalized.


Gordy and his little cutie!


Gordy Shelly and Jerry


Taryn, my beatiful granddaughter, getting her initials
and Kevins
on "First Kiss" for Christmas.
This is a secret do not tell Kevin!


Mary getting a free remarque on "Little Twisters"


This pencil drawing of a snake for Jimmy.


Jimmy, just a little shy, loving a very detailed
pencil drawing of a snake. He, of course, was naming
al the different snakes he wants next!
Thank you Jerry. That is very special.

Ken and Cindy


Mary won the beautiful "Whispering Waters"


George won the 2nd drawing "Snow Dust"


These are the beuatiufl Originals Sold
that day. You can see more on Jerry's Orignal Page.


Larry and Sue

Gordy and Shelly

Ronn and Sandy

and they commisiioned a request for 3 Lambs!


A good day for Jerry and Maple Marsh
Thank you everyone who came.






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