In his continuing depiction of the religious aspects of the lives of the Plains Indians, Jack created "The Messenger of the Great Spirit."

The golden eagle was the most sacred of all the animal spirits. Also known as the Spotted Eagle of War Bird to the Plains People, the eagle served as the carrier of prayers. He was seen as a creature of the sky who could soar to the sacred Four Directions and still touch the earth. He carried the prayers of the People directly to the Great Spirit. His tail feathers were the badges of bravery and rewards of virtue for the men of the tribes. To wear parts of the Spotted Eagle was to endow the man with some of the bird's great power.

In the print, Jack depicts the Indian braves against a detailed drawing of the Spotted Eagle. The lodges below give a terrific perspective to the flying eagle and the braves on the hilltop. "Messenger of the Great Spirit" will serve as a reminder of man's relationship to nature and to the Creator.