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Sculpture / Decor

This is a small sampling of what is available at Maple Marsh

Also enjoy some pictures of our Resident Potters art.
"Teds Pottery"
is constantly changing as he brings us
new firings from his kiln.

Please call with any inquiries 920-293-8111.


Click here to see another Big Sky Woodduck

We also have "Standing Mallard"
Big Sky Carvers

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Call for pricing.

"Walk Wild and Noble"
Bronze by Wild Wings

Cost $395.00




by Josh Amherdt


"American Dakota Rugs"
Made in the USA

Ted Amherdt
Resident Potter

Ted's love for turning clay started in high school.
An inspiring art teacher, Susan Galloway, made an art class
become a exciting way for Ted to use his artistic ability.
It has been a life long love, experimenting with glazes
and designs. His vases with faces are a specialty
that never fail to amuse.
Each load that comes from Ted's kiln's are one of a kind.
His Motto "Make It, Bake It, Sell It"



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Custom Orders

This personality plus was a custom
order by Melissa Goodman.
Only requriement for custom orers
is patience.



Vase with a Faces

It is always fun when inspiration
hits Ted and we get one
of these whimsicle pots.


Happy Customer
with one of Ted's Pots



see more leaf pots

Leaf Pots

Customer favorites -
Ted's leaf pots.


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